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Silverware Jewelry made by Created b Shari

My name is Shari. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, business owner, jewelry creator, and crafting connoisseur. I find great pleasure breathing life back into these old pieces of history, as their beauty surpasses time. Each of them has a story, and even though I will never be able to know that that story has been, we can help to let it continue on. 

My husband and I started this company in 2001, and travel the country as a team, selling our items to individuals and businesses. Every time a piece of our jewelry lights up a face, we have succeeded. My daughter and granddaughters have always helped with our company, and recently have taken a more active role in it as we have continued to grow.

Our hope is that, as each item is individually handcrafted, the revival of the original beauty is authentically restored, and also that their story is not yet over. They will go on to continue to inspire and bless those who own them. 

If you have a piece of family silverware that you would like created into an heirloom, we are happy to take custom orders as well.